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The Ice Demon is a ‘cool’ winter musical with a magical tale of truth and myth, childhood rebellion and good versus evil that will have the children singing and dancing in the playground!

It is appropriate for children aged 6-10 years old and offers the highest quality music and countless opportunities for a cast of 20 – 100 children of all abilities. The musical is approximately 45 minutes long.


The Story

The Ice Demon is set in an isolated village in the far north of Norway. From a time before anyone can remember the village has been under the curse of an evil Ice Demon.
The curse brings misfortune and unhappiness to the villagers and the Ice Demon kidnaps the children if they are out after dark.

The villagers believe that it is because of this curse that Christmas has never been a joyous celebration.

The story follows Maya, a brave, young girl from the village, and her journey in search of her brother Olaf who has been captured by the Ice Demon.

Will Maya be successful in her quest? Will the Ice Demon’s heart be melted and his curse finally broken?


A Note from the Composer:

My vision for the Ice Demon...

I wanted to write relevant and quality lyrics and music from a 6-10 year old’s point of view; a score and a script that would inspire the children and the teachers to explore their artistic and expressive capabilities and showcase their discoveries.

I also wanted to create something that was easy to stage yet still spectacular.

But above all, I wanted it to be fun and exciting for the children.

After the first performance...

The children brought the house down and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The parents and the teachers did too!

With The Ice Demon, my vision has been achieved; it is a musical that is irresistible to the children as well as a source of pride, confidence and inspiration for the students, the teachers and the school.

I hope the same for you and I wish you the best of luck!

Break a leg!

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The Children

The Ice Demon Clan

The Villagers



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