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The Composer

Jonathan Spinks


Heather Szabo

Jonathan Spinks is an experienced primary music specialist and the Music Coordinator at the British International School of Budapest in Budapest, Hungary. He is originally from Leeds, England.

Jonathan has 10 years of international and multi-cultural primary music teaching experience. He has worked in the UK, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. His diverse experience has given him unique insight into the needs of multi-cultural students and classrooms and expanded his musical themes and capabilities.

Jonathan has a degree in Mathematics and Music with a teaching qualification from Leeds University in the United Kingdom and a certificate in Lyric Writing from Berklee School of Music, in Boston, MA, the premier musical university in the United States. He is an accomplished pianist, guitarist and singer. The Ice Demon is the first of Jonathan’s several soon-to-be published children’s works.


The Musicals

These musicals are written to be relevant and fun from a child’s point of view. The Ice Demon includes 7 modern and captivating songs, which are built on strong melodies, interesting structures and clever rhymes while offering the children a chance to enjoy singing a range of musical styles from blues to calypso. It also combines music, dance and drama to appeal to the different talents of the children.

Our musicals are a wonderful way to inspire children, enable them to grow and learn about themselves and build confidence in their unique and varied skills. Our musicals encourage a child’s involvement in the school and the community and instil a sense of personal responsibility and the value of teamwork. They will help foster a life long interest in learning and the arts.


The Company

Halfnote Productions is Jonathan Spinks and Heather Szabo and is based in Budapest, Hungary.

Halfnote Productions was started in 2004 to bring professional quality and original musicals to 6-10 year old children, but musicals that were still relevant, fun and exciting from their point of view.

We have 6 years of international small business management experience. At Halfnote Productions we are committed to providing a valuable and thorough consumer experience to our customers. We strive to make your winter productions as easy as possible to stage. We offer products that are clear and easy to use as well as reference. We provide prompt customer service and support at any time during your decision-making, rehearsal and performance process. We have carefully chosen all our service partners to create quality products that are enjoyable and dependable and to provide fast, effective and reliable service.

Thank you for choosing Halfnote Productions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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